Enjoy your vacation with VIP security service.

If you are an at-risk individual or simply desire a vacation characterized by absolute privacy and security for yourself and your loved ones, you may require personal security services. This can extend to safeguarding your villa or ensuring your safety during explorations around the island. Our objective is to deliver the necessary protection without compromising your privacy. Our security partners are extensively trained to identify and assess potential threats or discomforts, responding with tact and professionalism. We collaborate with trusted partners who deploy a team of highly skilled private security professionals, adept at delivering exclusive security services to ensure the highest standards of service, safety, and privacy during your stay in Paros.

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Security Patrol

In the case that you are visiting Paros with valuable possessions in your luggage, it is recommended to consider the services of private security guards for your luxury villa to ensure unparalleled privacy and safety. Given previous instances of theft in villas, it is prudent to arrange for a security guard to patrol the property during times when you may be absent, be it during the day or night. This proactive measure will undoubtedly provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to relish your holiday without any concerns. Trained personnel will stand guard over your villa for the specified duration, whether it’s for a few hours, overnight, or throughout the entire day. Your safety and enjoyment while in Paros are of paramount importance to us at MLV.


Personal Protection

If you require enhanced security throughout your journey, we can facilitate a personalized 12-hour or 24-hour daily personal detail. This service ensures your safety and protection during your stay on the island of Paros. Our exclusive VIP offering guarantees that your expert bodyguards and close protection associates will tailor their services to meet each client’s unique requirements, providing a discreet, effective, and personalized experience.


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