Welcome to the coastal paradise of Santa Maria Beach, a mere 2 kilometers from the vibrant town of Naoussa. This enchanting stretch of shoreline unveils a canvas of beauty, with its long coastline gracefully divided into two soft, golden-sand beaches that extend a warm invitation to both locals and travelers alike.

The crystal-clear waters of Santa Maria play host to a mesmerizing view of the island of Naxos, enhancing the beach experience with a backdrop of Aegean allure. Here, the perfection of the water meets the brilliance of sun-drenched sands, boasting a whiteness that rivals any other part of the island.

Santa Maria takes the concept of a fully organized beach to new heights, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, and an array of water sports facilities that cater to every aquatic whim. Dive into the thrill of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding, letting the breeze and the waves become your playmates in this seaside playground.

For those seeking to explore the mysteries beneath the surface, Santa Maria Beach beckons snorkelers to its impressive seabed, home to a diverse marine life that transforms every underwater excursion into a captivating adventure. If you wish to delve even deeper, a diving center awaits on the shore, ready to guide you through the wonders of the underwater realm.

Santa Maria’s Beach charm is as diverse as its visitor profile, welcoming groups of friends, families, couples, and young adventurers. The sheer size and array of amenities ensure that every beachgoer, regardless of their preferences, finds their perfect niche along this coastal haven. As the sun paints the sky with hues of warmth, Santa Maria becomes more than a beach—it becomes a shared experience of joy and relaxation, an idyllic retreat where the sea and sand unite to create memories that linger long after the waves have receded.