Traveling with a charter represents the epitome of personalized and the highest quality luxury service

MLV clients are privileged not only in choosing their desired private jet or helicopter for an elegant and secure journey to or from Paros but also in selecting their preferred departure time and airport. Through collaborations with meticulously chosen partners, we provide access to a diverse array of high-quality charter planes and helicopters. This allows for a magical and unforgettable experience in scheduling your private charter flight, ensuring comfortable travel to any destination with a touch of luxury and utmost privacy, all while maintaining punctuality.

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Private Jet

While Paros experiences a bustling schedule with numerous daily flights, it’s possible that none align with your preferences when visiting. Through our esteemed partners and extensive network, we are pleased to provide an unparalleled level of comfort by organizing a charter jet tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Simply inform us of the number of people in your group and your preferred departure point, and we will promptly furnish you with a quote and availability for our top-quality private jets operated by our trusted partners.



Airports and commercial flights often come with the challenges of crowds and busyness. For those seeking complete privacy, exclusivity, speed, and quality in their air travels, we can cater to your requirements by arranging top-quality helicopters with skilled pilots through our trusted partners. Whether for seamless transportation or short excursions across the Aegean islands to marvel at the stunning coastlines and relish aerial views, your helicopter experience is fully customizable to meet your needs.


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