A variety of boats and yachts is available for the clients who envisioning a distinctive onboard party under the radiant sun or the sparkling stars

Embark on a day excursion to the ancient island of Delos or Santorini and neighboring Aegean islands, exploring enchanting untouched beaches that exceed imagination. Enhance this experience by arranging a celebration or cocktail party for your family or friends on a traditional boat, an inflatable vessel, or a luxurious motor yacht. Our concierge services team is dedicated to fulfilling your every need, ensuring this yachting experience becomes truly unforgettable.

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Exclusive Charters

Effortlessly infusing a touch of glamour and opulence into your bespoke vacation experience is the provision of yacht chartering throughout your stay. Select the perfect luxurious yacht for your Paros excursions, and indulge yourself and your friends with on-cruise services. Our skilled chefs are ready to attend to you during your yacht charter, crafting finger foods for your enjoyment on a secluded beach or orchestrating an elegant dinner party on board. Striving to meet your individual needs, the MLV Team is ever-present to organize any additional services, ensuring the utmost chic essence of your journey.


Sea Adventures

Opt for swift travels and adventurous escapades during your Paros holiday by selecting from an extensive array of speedboats. Cruise through the Aegean, creating splendid memories amidst breathtaking views in the heart of the deep blue sea. Uncover secluded beaches, relish privacy, and experience sheer enjoyment by booking a speedboat for a day or an entire week. The captivating waters of Paros are certain to evoke profound emotions and countless unique moments.