Nestled in the vibrant and cosmopolitan heart of Naoussa, Stilvi Restaurant Paros invites you to a culinary experience of refined elegance and indulgence. Our high-class establishment, situated in a bustling tourist-filled area, sets the stage for a sophisticated dining affair on a cozy outdoor terrace.

Under the discerning eye of Chef Ioannis Parikos, Stilvi Restaurant Paros presents an upmarket dinner menu that revolves around Mediterranean flavors with contemporary twists. The restaurant showcases a diverse array of appetizers, pasta bowls, and main dishes featuring seafood and premium meats. Indulge in culinary delights such as dry-aged beef carpaccio, tuna tataki, saddled seabream ceviche, Black Angus ribeye, Conchiglioni Rigati pasta with wild mushroom ragout sauce, and the traditional slow-cooked Greek lamb.

Set within a stripped-down courtyard adorned with expansive outdoor spaces, Stilvi offers an inviting ambiance for your dining pleasure. Cap off your meal with a selection of fantastic desserts, including sorbet ice cream and salted caramel praline sweets.

For enthusiasts of upscale drinks, the bar area at Stilvi beckons with unique cocktail mixes, including the house special chocolate Mai Tai, a timeless classic zombie rum blend, or a refreshing strawberry Negroni. The artful blend of flavors and carefully crafted presentations make Stilvi a haven for those seeking an exquisite dining experience and innovative libations.

Join us at Stilvi Restaurant Paros, where culinary sophistication meets warm hospitality, creating an ambiance that is perfect for both intimate dinners and celebratory gatherings.