Step into a culinary haven at Samano Restaurant Antiparos, a gem established in 2020 and nestled within Antiparos Town as part of the Kouros Village resort. Founded by the acclaimed chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos, known for his role as a judge on the Greek version of Master Chef, Samano Restaurant draws inspiration from the historical figure Fortino Samano, a captain of the Constitutional Army during the Mexican Revolution.

At Samano, the culinary experience is an art form, specializing in traditional Greek cuisine with contemporary, creative twists that result in unique gourmet recipes. Chef Leonidas sources pure, fresh ingredients from Greek producers to craft delightful meat and seafood dishes, presented with elegance and flair. The establishment goes beyond dinner, offering a delectable a la carte breakfast featuring sweet and savory delicacies, ensuring a tasty and energizing start to the day.

Guests are invited to complement their lunch or dinner with refreshing cocktails or a glass of exquisite local wine from an extensive list. The ambiance at Samano is equally exceptional, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the port of Antiparos, providing breathtaking views of the sea, especially during the enchanting sunset. The bohemian-inspired decor, characterized by elegant wooden furniture and natural colors, enhances the overall dining experience.

Samano Restaurant Antiparos extends its excellence to hosting special events, such as wedding dinners, proposals, or birthday parties. Tailoring exclusively made menus for each occasion, Samano ensures that every celebration becomes a memorable culinary experience against the backdrop of Antiparos’ picturesque setting.